Errors in airspace data (English)

Data Sources

iGlide is based on freely available data for airspace. These data are collected from different data sources and constantly kept up to date

  • Data from authorities
  • Free User-generated data

Errors in data

Please understand that we con not offer current airspace data for each country. it is possible that we do not have up-to-date data in some countries. In this case, we rely on your help. Furthermore, we rely on full airspace files. Edits to single airspaces within files are not possible. An alternative is to offer fee-based airspace data, which we do not want.

If you find an error:

If you find an error in airspace data of a country proceed as follows:

  • Contact us at and report the error.
  • If you have a free, current airspace file (OpenAir format is best) of the specific country, please send it to us for verification and integration.

! Please note when sending files: Do not infringe the copyright of third parties !

Additional Resources:

  • About OpenAir Format in iGlide: ...
  • openAIP project data management:
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