User Waypoints/Airspace and Files import via iTunes or DropBox (English)

User files like Waypoints, Airpsaces or Configuration-Files can be imported into iGlide using iTunes Filesharing or DropBox. iTunes Filesharing is a simple process and explained in Detail here:


Importing your files via itunes:
  • Connect your device via USB
  • open iTunes, go to your device and select the apps tab 
  • scroll down to "file sharing" - select iGlide/iPilot/FreeFlight
  • add the file you wish to import to the top level via drag- and drop
  • sync your device and then start/restart your app


Many different file-types can be imported. Examples are .DAT,.GPX and .CUP files (Wayoints), openAIR and ASP-files (Airspace) and XML files for configuration.
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