I have paid twice and/or I would like to return a purchase (English)

Always make sure not to buy an App twice. Previous purchases are only recognized by Apple, if you always use the same Apple-ID in the AppStore.

If you delete an App and re-install it, make sure that you install the exact edition you initially purchased (for example if you initially purchased iGlide lite and then later upgraded iGlide advanced or iGlide pro features, again download iGlide lite). In-App-Purchases (Edition upgrades for example) are later restored inside the App.

If you want to upgrade iGlide/iPilot/FreeFlight at a reduced update price you have to do that as an in-app-purchase inside the app (menu - settings - shop) and not in the AppStore. If you purchase an App in the AppStore you are charged the full price.

To get a refund for the accidentally purchased full version, go through this process:

Please note: When buying an App from the AppStore you buy the App directly from Apple. Butterfly has no influence on the refunding process or the returns of purchases.

  • Please open your iTunes Account (in the menu in iTunes under "Store") - and go to your purchasing statistics.
  • Identify the wrong purchase and click on "Report a problem"
  • Leave a message for Apple. Explain that you have purchased the App on accident and that you want to return it for a refund
  • Apple may contact you for details


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