I don´t receive XPDR targets or I receive my own XPDR (English)

  • Please insert ICAO adress and transponder type
  • Displaying your own transponder can be normal if you still on the ground or at the first 5 minutes of the flight
  • Please ensure that the transponder antenna is installed far away from the PowerFLARM ADS-B/XPDR receiving antenna
  • Make sure a useful range setting

Connected moving maps, apps and external displays:

1. Your moving map system has to implement a XPDR warning in their software. 

2. PowerFLARM choose every new boot up automatically protocol version "default" on both data ports. For sending XPDR targets to a moving map system the data port has to set to protocol version 6. So that means the moving map system has to send every new boot up a command to PowerFLARM to choose protocol version 6. Alternatively you create a config file with protocol version 6 and just leave the USB stick (included the config file) in the device.

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    Benjamin Bukovec


    My ICAO address is correct. I suppose, without own ICAO address I would see myself even as Mode-S target.

    Transponder antenna is on the bottom of aircraft, powerflarm antena is at the windshield. More than 1m away.

    I do get alarm from time to time. It is immediately after takeoff, which I suppose is normal. Alarms starts however also later from time to time (at irregular intervals, every 10-15 minutes or so..) for some minutes, then stops. It is annoying and in long term could also be dangerous, because I am learning to ignore (mostly false) alarms.


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    Marc Förderer

    Hi Benjamin, sorry for the late reply, we have not seen your comment until now.

    Please update to the latest software (3.21), this will resolve an issue some users had with mode-c false alarms.

    Please contact our support directly if you have additional questions or we may help you.

    Best regards


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