What is the difference between different Flarm IDs?

There are two different kinds of Identification Numbers (ID) available in FLARM®-compatible devices:

  • "stable FLARM® pseudo-ID"
  • "ICAO Address"

When you purchase a FLARM®-device, it is configured to send an ID, which is based on the serial number of the device, and unique for all FLARM® compatible devices.

This type of ID is called „stable FLARM® pseudo-ID“ in the manuals, its value often starts with a „D“ (e.g. DD6A54). Depending on the type of FLARM®-device, a device shows FFFFFF if it is configured to this kind of ID.

Since ADS-B is being used more and more, and most modern FLARM®-devices can also detect Mode-S and ADS-B targets, it is recommended to set up a FLARM®-device to the aircraft's ICAO address.
This is the second possible FLARM® ID type, and this is the same ID that Mode-S transponders transmit.

You can program this ID into your FLARM®-device either by using our online configurator on http://www.powerflarm.aero/index.php/en/knowledge-and-support or using a FLARM®-Tool Software.

You can find your ID in the registration documents of your aircraft or in the database www.airframes.org. The ICAO address is a 6-digit hex value. It might be an octal number in your documents, but you can convert this by using http://coderstoolbox.net/number/.

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