iOS 8 Installation deletes Map Data

When updating to iOS8, some users experience an issue where iOS deletes Map-Data and after that Map installations stop working on the device. This is not an App specific issue and there is a pretty simple solution.

To resolve this issue, please follow these three simple steps.

  1. Delete the App from your iOS device
  2. wait for about 1h, restart your iOS device
  3. Reinstall the app via the "Updates" tab in the "AppStore" App directly on the device. Please be careful:

IMPORTANT: Only install the App edition that has been initially purchased. If you purchase a different edition, you will be charged again. The easiest way to make sure you load the right app is to load it in the "Updates" section of the AppStore App. Go there, tap on "Purchased" and search your app.

Additional Infos:
Already purchased additional features (like approach plates) or edition upgrades (e.g. iGlide lite to ADV) can be restored inside the app. Go to Menu > settings > store and tap on "restore purchased items".

You can backup your individual settings to restore them after re-installation, here is how:

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