AIR Traffic Display: Target Identification

From ATD software version 50 (available for all devices, ATD-57, ATD-80 and ATD-11) new methods have been introduced to identify targets more easily.


Information on targets in the AIR Traffic Display:

One or more of the following information is available for targets:

  • Team/Quick Select function: up to four targets can be added to the Quick Select/Quick Select/Team function and associated with an individual name.
  • Mode-S Flight ID or Tail Number transmitted by the Mode-S transponder.
  • FLARM identification, which is transmitted via FLARM. This also contains the callsign of the target and the tail number.
  • FlarmNET database entry: Information assigned to a target via the FlarmNet database at This requires that a microSD card with FlarmNET database is inserted in the ATD.
  • FLARM Radio ID: Six-digit hexadecimal ID used by FLARM
  • ICAO 24-bit address (also called Mode-S address or "HEX code" ): This is an Aircraft-specific six-digit hexadecimal ID used in the ELT and the Mode-S transponder, among other things.


Display in the AIR Traffic Display:

In the ATD, targets are identified in various ways. If several pieces of information are available for a target, the following priority list is used:

  • Priority 1: Team/Quick Select function
  • Priority 2: FLARM identification
  • Priority 3: Mode-S Flight ID
  • Prio 3: FlarmNET
  • Prio 4: ID (ICAO 24-bit or FLARM Radio ID)

Display on the radar screen

If a registration number, callsign, or name is known, the radar screen automatically displays the identification of the currently most relevant target. The pure ID is not shown.


Bildschirmfoto 2024-02-27 um 13.49.37.png

Display on the radar screen. Here, the registration (D-KHAT) is shown. If the NavBoxes are activated, the display on the radar screen is omitted to maintain legibility.


Display in the "Identification" NavBox

If the "NavBoxes" (small boxes with information on the right-hand side of the screen) are displayed (this is an optional setting), a NavBox called "Identification" can be configured. By default, this is active at the second lowest position.
This NavBox always displays the identification according to the above priority. The identification currently being used is labeled on the NavBox (TEAM, CALL, REG, FNET, ID).


Bildschirmfoto 2024-02-27 um 14.24.58.png

Display in a NavBox. Here, the second lowest NavBox shows the registration (D-KHAT).


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