The error message APTDB EXP appears in my ACD-57

This message appears if you want to use one of the database-based functions (e.g. NEAREST) and the database on the microSD card has expired.

For security reasons (to ensure that the data is at least up to date), databases in the ACD have an expiry date and are valid for one year after download only.

The download rights for databases (coupon codes) are generally valid for longer, e.g. two years initially after purchase, 2 to 5 years for renewals. During this period, you can download databases as often as you like at no extra cost.


Download a current database in the license and database system. This requires you to enter your database coupon code. You received the code with your ACD-57 (printed in the box, valid for 2 years after the first download) or purchased an extension from us in the AIR Store.

We recommend regular updates, e.g., every eight weeks. The downloadable databases are updated daily by us.

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