Why am I not receiving transponders or only my own?


AIR Traffic devices receive not only ADS-B and FLARM® targets (exact 3D position) but also targets with "normal" Mode-S transponders, which do not emit a GPS position.

In most displays, the current next such target is always indicated by symbolized by a circle around its own position, together with an altitude indication.

The distance is estimated here over a measurement of the field strength, the altitude is calculated via the altitude signal of the other transponder.

In order to exclude that AIR Traffic permanently displays its own transponder (this is always the closest one) a configuration parameter (24bit aircraft address) is set so that the own transponder is recognized.




Reception of own transponder vs. no reception

In a majority of the cases with "no" transponder reception, the own transponder is received and displayed so close that the user cannot distinguish the display circle cannot distinguish it from the aircraft symbol.


Important configuration parameters

The following parameters must be set to ensure correct transponder reception. to ensure. Item 1) is mandatory only if your own Aircraft has a transponder.

  1. Setting the correct ICAO address of your own aircraft: This is to be entered in the configuration. You need the hexadecimal coded ICAO 24bit address of your aircraft, you can find this e.g. at. www.airframes.org or find it in your aircraft documents.
  2. Data output: Please make sure that the output of traffic data on AIR Traffic is correctly set for your display/EFIS/App. Misconfigurations are possible, in which other traffic but no transponder signals are transmitted to the display. 



In most cases, "no transponder reception" is due to the insufficient configuration of of the above parameters. By correct setting can Then the problem can be resolved.

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