What are Protection Volumes and should I set these values?

There are several warning levels in the AT-1 which differ in their intensity. 0 means no danger, 3 means highest collision danger. Warnings are issued according to the comparison of the trajectories of other targets with the own flight path. Thus, warnings are always issued in case of collision danger, i.e. when the flight paths will cross in the near future.

The Protection Volumes allow to override this basic collision warning to receive more frequent or less frequent warnings in special cases. In most cases, changes to Protection Volumes are only useful in very special applications, such as transporting external loads or banner towing. We do not recommend our customers to make changes in this area of the settings.

If a Protection Volume is now assigned the level "min Level 2", this means that when a target enters this volume, it will always be assigned at least ALRM Level 2 (regardless of whether the flight paths will cross).

If a "max Level 1" is set, it means that the maximum is warned with low intensity in this area. More detailed information can be found in the AT-1 Pilots Manual.

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