The audio output is too quiet, too loud or not audible.

The AIR Traffic (AT-1) has an audio output with an output impedance that is well adapted for most audio panels, intercoms and radios. Output warning tones and voice messages can be adjusted well here via the integrated volume control.

Some audio panels, however, which do not have an automatic adjustment, do not fit well to the output of the AT-1 so an adjustment has to be done by yourself, because the signals arrive much too loud or much too quiet despite the volume control.

There are two options for this: 

  1. Reducing the volume by means of a voltage divider, if the sounds from the AT-1 arrive too loud.
    Increasing the volume by means of a transformer, if the sounds coming from the AT-1 are too soft.
  2. In both cases, additional components are inserted into the audio line between the AT-1 and the audio panel.

There is extensive information about both options in the AT-1 installation manual. A suitable transformer is available in the AIR Store.

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