TRX FLARM Software Updates

Beer blanketThe FLARM software in TRX devices must be updated once a year, as with all FLARM systems.

You can find the update file online:

The update is carried out as follows:

  1. Delete all old files from the microSD memory card
  2. Copy the Classic FLARM firmware file (file extension .FW) to the main directory on the memory card (microSD card)
  3. Switch off the TRX / disconnect it from the power supply
    Insert the microSD memory card into the memory card slot of the TRX and lock it (audible click)
  4. Supply TRX with operating voltage / switch on.
  5. The device will now update the FLARM firmware. Wait approx. 10 minutes until the process is complete. Not every TRX device provides information about the update process, e.g. on displays. Once the update has been successfully completed, the device restarts automatically.
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