AIR COM Wiring: What is the best way to run the power supply?

Because we had to work with a "high density" connector for the AIR COM due to its extremely compact design, the pins of the connector can only accommodate cables with a maximum diameter of AWG22. 

Due to the fact that a relatively large amount of current has to flow through the relatively small pins during transmission, we recommend using two pins each for the power supply for plus and minus. It is recommended to use pins 1 and 10 and 5 and 6 together.

Typically, an AWG22 cable is inserted into the two pins as a bridge and this "bridge" is then connected to an AWG20 cable (called a splice).


Further resources:

  • Sensible recommendations about splices in aircraft cabling can be found here:
  • Information about AWG numbers, a unit of measurement for the diameter of cables, so-called American Wire Gauges, can be found here:
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