Control of radio and transponder via third-party devices


The AIR Control Display (ACD-57) has an interface that allows third-party devices to control radio and transponder. This is very popular e.g. in gliding, where gliding computers (e.g. via the LXNAV Bridge) can automatically preselect radio frequencies. 

Control is directly via the ACD-57, and it does not matter which radio or transponder models are connected to the ACD-57. 

The cabling is done at a free RS-232 data port. Usually, the connector on the ACD-57 is used for this purpose, to which the transponder is also connected, since this does not require the RS-232 interface and the corresponding pins on the connector are therefore free. Details about the cabling can be found in the manual of the third-party device. On the ACD-57 side only the RS-232 data pins (RX and TX) and ground have to be connected. 

Later, in the menu of the ACD, only the interface has to be activated.


Activate the interface in the settings of the ACD:

  • Please enter the PIN CODE '3000', under Menu > PIN CODE.
    Select the port used (port 1 is up, port 2 is down)


The cabling in detail:

The third-party interface is connected to pins 2 and 3 on one of the connectors on the ACD-57, usually port 1 (top connector). Additionally, a direct ground connection of both devices, the ACD-57, and the third-party device is important: 


Please note regarding prefabricated cable harnesses for transponders: AIR Store order number B430/B431 already has the wiring of pin 2 (RXD). Here only one cable has to be inserted into pin 3 (TXD). B764/B765/B766 already have all interface wires pre-made. 



Details about the interface:

For interested developers, the interface to the ACD-57 has been published. Thus, other manufacturers can use the interface. Information on this can be found in the installation manual of the ACD-57 in Appendix F.

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