I always see "North Up" in my Air Traffic Display (ATD).

There may be three reasons that a "North up" message appears on your ATD:


On the ground:

You are on the ground without driving. North up is always displayed when stationary on the ground.


Switch configured:

You can configure a switch on the ATD to force North Up even when in flight/moving. This is a special application that is not normally used.

If this parameter is set by mistake, North up is always selected, even if no switch is connected (the ATD cannot distinguish if no switch or a switch is always connected in one position).

In the menu under Device > Installation > Switches you can, change "North Up" to "Not Connected" to turn this off.


No position data:

The connected collision warning device is configured not to output position data (GPS). Please make sure in the settings of the device that position data is output.

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