Why does my ATD or AT-1 have a newer software version than the one on the website?

This is because you have a new device whose software is already newer at delivery than the currently published update for existing devices. Functionally there is no difference.


Why do such versions exist?

During the life cycle of a product, which often spans 10 to 20 years, individual components in the hardware of the devices change regularly, e.g. due to constant product improvements or obsolescence of individual components.

Whenever such a change occurs, a new version of the software is used. This is due to our in-house production and documentation processes. 

Such versions do not contain any new functions, which means that it is not necessary to update existing devices to this version.  Therefore we do not publish such software updates or version numbers.


When is an update worthwhile?

We regularly publish software updates for our devices on our website so that customers can update them.

The updates always contain the latest functional software version. Manuals are permanently kept up to date for this software version so that all functions are described. 

If the version number of the software offered on the website is higher than the one you have installed, it may be worthwhile to update. 

Please note: For some systems with FLARM function, e.g. the AIR Traffic (AT-1), an update is required once a year. Here it is advisable to download and install the current version at a fixed date in the year. We ensure that a new corresponding update is published at least once a year. 

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