My AT-1 WiFi network loses connection sporadically


It rarely happens that your WiFi network from the AT-1 to your end device (smartphone, tablet or similar) sporadically loses connection or cannot establish a suitable connection.

In such cases, sometimes the network name (SSID) of your AT-1 WiFi network is also renamed to "Radino-Wifi". 


The three most common reasons for this behavior are as follows. The most important and by far the most common reason is the third one: 

  • A defect in the AT-1's WiFi module. These occur extremely rarely, with less than 15 cases known to us so far, well below 0.5‰ of the devices in the field so far (as of mid-2022). 
  • Poor WiFi reception: When choosing an installation location, please ensure that the AT-1's antenna is not blocked/shielded. Devices with large interference emissions in the immediate vicinity of the AT-1 also interfere with WiFi reception, although this occurs rather rarely.
  • You are trying to establish a connection to the AT-1 with multiple end devices. This is the most common reason. AT-1 with serial number lower than '3000' are only able to establish a connection with a single-end device. If you establish a connection with a second terminal device, the connection of the first terminal device will be terminated. If your endpoints connect automatically, this may occur sporadically on the fly. This is especially common with a smartphone in your pocket and a tablet in the cockpit. 
  • The power supply to your AT-1 is insufficient: AT-1s require quite a lot of power when the WiFi module starts up. A smooth start of the WiFi module can only be guaranteed if the cabling has been carried out according to the manual and is faultless.

Possible solutions:

  1. Please ensure no end device automatically connects to the AT-1's WiFi network.
  2. Please make sure that only your main device (e.g., tablet with navigation app or similar) is connected at all times.
  3. When installing the AT-1, ensure it is in a suitable position.
  4. Ensure the power supply wiring and all circuit breakers are good. 
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