A message LOSTCTRL appears in the ACD


A message LOSTCTRL appears in the ACD, after clicking away the message the operation is normal.



Configure the "CANas Node ID" of the ACD-57 to which the AIR COM (AC-1) is connected back to the default value of '100'. The setting can be found in the menu of the ACD-57 concerned under DEVICE > INSTALLATION > DATA PORTS > CANas NODE ID (PIN CODE '3000' must be entered beforehand).


Technical background:

The AIR COM, has a feature that allows us to still continue to operate in the event of a loss of control of the radio module if the controlling device (for example an ACD-57) fails during operation.

This function detects when there is no longer a device that can control the AC-1. In this case, an error message is output: LOSTCTR. In addition, the volume of the radio output is set high to a default value if it is below this value. This is to prevent, if the volume is set to zero or very low, a failure of the ACD results in no radio being heard during flight.

The function checks if at least one device is available that reports CANas Node ID "100". Therefore, it is necessary that at least one ACD in the installation (several ACDs can be used in one installation, with different CANas Node IDs) carries the CANas Node ID "100".

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