My AT-1 update does not work

If your device does not update, which you can best recognize by the fact that the software version does not change after the update, please proceed as follows:

  • Try one or more other USB drives. Preferably "old" USB drives with little memory (USB2 max and e.g. 4GB). You can choose one with an LED to know when it's working and, more importantly, when it's finished.
  • Updates can occasionally take far longer than 15 minutes; 3 file updates can take half an hour but a USB drive with an LED would tell you.
  • Repeat the update attempt several times: Some AT-1, especially early serial numbers, recognize USB sticks for the update only after several attempts.
  • Download a file on another PC and play it on the USB stick to ensure that your operating system has not modified or corrupted the update file during the download.
  • Your hard-wired display device will alert you to a failure to connect, and Wi-Fi may be unavailable. The cure for this is to re-boot the AT-1, sometimes 2, 3, or 4 times, until it boots correctly with all interfaces working.
  • If the USB drive does not contain any log files - the update was probably not allowed enough time to complete. If there are logs, the first line of info tells you the version installed.
  • Once you find a stick that works - consider marking it as such and reserving it for future use.
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